Scientific Exploration

Saddleback Geosolutions:


At Saddleback Geosolutions, we are first and foremost scientists. As a group, and in our many sum total years of experience, we have provided the "brains" behind some of the most innovative technical research being conducted in the oil & gas industry. All of our scientists have advanced degrees in high-demand technical areas, and our software developers and technologists are selected based on a strong science background and many years of experience delivering the best technical solutions to key scientific problems across many disciplines, and from inside and outside of the oil & gas industry.

We range in experience from newly minted post-doctorates to seasoned scientists with years of oil & gas-finding experience. We pride ourselves on having an ability to not only 'think great thoughts' but to work with our client counterparts to translate great thoughts into a practical ways forward.

We start with what is often nothing more than a 'back of the envelope' idea or analog. We end with effective, timely solutions.

This is High Performance Thinking.


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